Mitrecap Miniatures: 54mm Leicestershire Yeomanry

Another of my 54mm Mitrecap Miniatures Yeomanry chaps. Although not inspired by R.J. Marrion or E.A. Campbell, or indeed any other illustration that I know of, this one is of particular interest to me as it’s my local volunteer force, the Leicestershire Yeomanry.

The uniform is a hussar pattern and recall similar items of uniform which I’ve seen before in the Leicestershire Yeomanry museum.

A model of a trooper in the Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Much to my surprise after the usual chaotic and alchemical process of paint daubing and wash applications, the face has come out nicely. The shading is subtle, as is my style, but (I like to think) convincing enough.

The painting instructions by Mitrecap did not always accord with other evidence. The busby, for example, was described as dark brown fur but the examples seen in the museum were very definitely black – so I’ve gone with that.

A busby of the Yeomanry.

Likewise, the ornate braid is described as being “silver” by Mitrecap. A Richard Simkin print which I have framed shows the braid as being a silvery shade of white.

The Leicestershire Yeomanry depicted by Richard Simkin

Hopefully my blend of white and silver does the job.

The rest of the uniform is dark blue with scarlet piping on the legs, scarlet cuffs, collar and busby bag.

The flimsy plume had all but broken off when I received the figure so with some difficulty, I’ve managed to reattach it.

It’s a nice pose and excellent sculpting by Mitrecap, as I’ve come to expect from them. This yeoman joins another Leicestershire Yeomanry pair of figures, (Napoleonic era) which I painted just the other day. I know of only one other model representation of the Leicestershire Yeomanry, a plaster 150mm figure by “The Sentry Box”. Something to keep an eye out for?

Sited on the usual alder-wood Ukrainian-made plinth, this chap makes for the 11th 54mm yeomanry figure in my slowly growing collection. There’s more to come and given how pleasurable they are to paint, who’s to say it won’t be soon!

5 thoughts on “Mitrecap Miniatures: 54mm Leicestershire Yeomanry

  1. Nice work my friend, you have done a great job on the face so a pat on the back there mate. I was only saying not long ago how I have trouble interpreting colours I see in photos and prints ,I have always been confused about the Royal Horse Artillery piping, thinking it was gold but now I know it gold for officers and yellow for the rest. Oh no don’t tell me I been miss informed ! I like the way you have compromised with this fine figures piping, great work all-round again.
    Well cheers mate and I trust you and the family are keeping well, Rgds Pat.

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    1. Hi Pat. Thanks, yes I know what you mean about colours. Be guided by the evidence for sure but in the final analysis paint what pleases you or you go mad otherwise, I say. Trying to get ‘the exact right shade’ is like chasing a mirage.

      We’re OK, thanks. Just been out filming NHS staff using PPE again today – plenty keeping me busy that’s for sure. I hear Melbourne has been dealing with a rise in cases, so you all take care over there.

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      1. Thanks mate, there has been a few more but that’s because the Government is really slack when it come to old folks homes and this is where the rise is coming from.
        Like you mate I’m busy as well and are one of the few that can attend work so I consider myself fortunate, I’m glad you can out for a bit as well ,cheers ,Pat.

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  2. Very nice indeed Marvin! 🙂 Your points about colours are interesting (and a bit coincidental), given that I’ve just finished painting some 1870 Prussian hussars – in my case, troopers wore a black fur busby and had white lacing/frogging on their jackets, whereas officers wore brown busbies and had silver lacing!

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