Late reinforcements…

It must have been a few years ago now since I joined the crowdfunding of Hat’s Napoleonic Light and Heavy Dragoons sets. At long last, after a number of incidents and issues (retooling and resizing), and much forum commentary (not all being very complimentary), these troubled soldiers finally, belatedly, arrived at Suburban Militarism HQ – and in shockingly bright, red plastic!

With my two boxes, HaT have kindly included their sampler set consisting of 16 more light and heavy dragoons, making for a grand total of 40 British dragoons unexpectedly arriving through the post this week. Plenty more recruits for the Napoleonic Cavalry Project.

I know HaT have taken some stick for the long delays on this crowdfunding project, which is certainly understandable. However, for hobbyists like myself (that’s right; these are not toys because I’m a grown-up, serious, bona-fide hobbyist) at least we can thank them for two shiny brand-new sets of Napoleonic British cavalry.

They’ve been such a long time coming that they almost feel like an unexpected gift from some mysterious benefactor. Given the size of the Great Unpainted Pile, they may be an awful long time before any paint gets applied too…

17 thoughts on “Late reinforcements…

  1. The upside of Hat is they make a definite effort to be thorough. The downside of Hat is the wait. Most of my 1\72 are therefore, a little of this and a little of that.

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    1. Hi Bruce,

      Yes, you’re right. I do appreciate their production but with such a long delay, I think maybe they need to rethink their crowdfunding processes.

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  2. Mine just arrived too, Marvin! I doubled the order at the last minute so I now have six light and four heavy boxes (plus the bonus box) to paint. What was I thinking??
    I hate to rain on the parade, but sadly the figures are a bit blobby and the pinned parts are hopeless! I will need to re-pin everything by hand – a bit of a disappointment. But on the upside, I like the campaign look with these guys with bread bag and canteen. A bit curious why there are no plumes – most reference I have seen show the Tarleton with plumes, but at least they have finally arrived!!

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    1. Yes, we should be grateful I suppose that we have them at all. I haven’t looked too closely at them (that red plastic hurts my eyes!) but I understand that they certainly have their issues.

      I think I’ll be keen to turn at least some of the light dragoons into some of the infinite range of colourful British yeomanry from the period. But I think it will be a while as – years after I ordered them – I’ve got loads of other stuff to paint. In the meantime I am greatly looking forward to seeing them given your treatment.

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    1. I’ve not done a comparison yet, Will. Hat’s own forum has a member declaring that the Light Dragoons are 24mm, while the Heavy Dragoons vary in size(!) between 20 and 23mm. The Lights don’t seem to be obviously oversized and so should be usable.

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    1. Hi Peter!

      I fear another long period may elapse until I do paint them…

      Too many? That term only ever applies to other people’s pile of unpainted figures…

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