Ottomania: Turkish Sipahi

As promised in my last post, here are the finished Red Box Ottoman Sipahi, my first cavalry unit for the growing army of Ottomania.

With this unit of Ottoman Sipahi, I thought that the painting process might be quicker as a consequence so much armour to paint but I was wrong! There were still plenty of little details left to paint which demanded careful attention. The end result is a very pleasing addition to my Ottomania project!

A quick run through some of the finished figures…

Sipahi archers:

Technically, all the Sipahi are archers as they all have separate quivers for both bow and arrows. I’m referring here to those who are shown using the bow. I’ve placed them all on walking horse poses as I can’t imagine that they would be widely used on a charging horse.

There’s nothing worse than getting your scimitar stuck in a tall plume… Some of the poses were a little 2 dimensional, but still have nice detailing.

This next pose seemed to go particularly well with the charging horse.

Perhaps my favourite pose was this one:

Finally, some Ottoman axe-wielding maniacs:

There’s plenty more troops for Ottomania to paint from Red Box but for now it’s back to those Napoleonic French Infantry on the march, though I may have to wait for a painful back spasm to improve first…(it’s my age, you know…).

8 thoughts on “Ottomania: Turkish Sipahi

  1. Don’t worry about your age, just take it easy, I find I now have to paint in sessions no longer than an hour before something starts to ache.

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    1. Thanks Will. I find my body has a new complaint everyday nowadays! Thankfully my back strain seems to be curing itself remarkably quickly so I should be painting again real quick. 🙂

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  2. I can relate to Will’s comment – I usually plan on painting sessions lasting no more than an hour before I get a bit achey! Should have painted more figures when I was younger! Anyway, ailments aside, these Sipahis have really come out very nicely! 🙂 Some nice poses and quite a bit of extra detail to add colour. I know you had reservations about assembling the riders onto the horses, but they’ve come out really well!

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    1. Well, I’ve been exercising more this year and I wonder if I need to concentrate on my back muscles. Also, a new mattress as it seems to go into spasm whenever I get out of bed!

      Thanks for the praise for getting them mounted. I was pretty brutal from the off – just slicing off whatever was necessary and adding plenty of glue. Most of them are on OK, so it wasn’t too bad in the end 🙂

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  3. The work you have put into theses is great mate and the assemble work like John says is excellent, sorry to hear the pain I get up from painting sometimes like a bloody decrepit old man ,or maybe that what I have really have become!!

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  4. Thanks Pat – I really enjoyed doing something with more with ‘heavy metal’ than I’m used to.

    After an hour at the painting table, we all feel decrepit! 🙂 My back thankfully recovered really quickly and I’m more or less back to normal already. Thing is, I’ve been doing a work out every day since the pandemic began and I even went for a run a couple of times over the weekend. I’ve never even run for the bus! So, I’m feeling fitter than ever (a pretty low bar admittedly!) but I guess exercise does tease out these kind of niggles.

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