The Finale of FEMbruary IV

As promised by Alex at Leadballoony blog, the roundup of entries for 2021s FEMbruary Challenge IV was posted on International Women’s Day, yesterday – Bravo Alex! It’s been another successful year’s challenge.

There’s increasingly a great range of entries encompassing all kinds of painting styles, interests, genres and figure manufacturers, so why not pop over and take a look at the kind of female characters being painted in the hobby nowadays?

Oh, and my humble offering of five female SOE agents brought home the “Most Thought-Provoking Entry” category – my first success in the FEMbruary challenge! Click below to read more about these phenomenally brave agents from WWII:

8 thoughts on “The Finale of FEMbruary IV

      1. Wow, what a great find. She would have been 2 years old when my Holkham Yeomanry were formed and would have grown up seeing them on the estate right up until their demise I think in the late 1820s.

        If “Polly Fishburn the Gamekeepeer’s Daughter” isn’t the title of an old music hall number, I don’t know what is!

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