March Painting Challenge: Saxony Soldiers II

Another report on progress for the Neglected but not Forgotten challenge, I’ve produced two more examples of Saxon Great Northern War regiments to add to the Kurprinz and Martinière’s Grenadier Regiments. Figures are once more from Mars Saxon Infantry box.

Zeitz’ Regiment:

Zeitz’ Regiment was numbered 8 in the list of Saxon infantry regiments and is distinguished by green facings. Hat lace and stockings are white and the buttons are brass. This regiment later became known as Schulenburg’s Regiment and was apparently disbanded in 1705 just prior to the Saxon army’s heavy defeat by the Swedes at the Battle of Fraustadt the following year at which both the Kurprinz and Martinière’s regiments were (unfortunately for them) present.

Hayn’s Grenadier Battalion:

This is the other exclusively grenadier formation in the Saxon army. Hayn’s Grenadiers sport an all-red coat with white breeches and stockings.

Their grenadier caps are red with brass plates. The rear colours are my own invention being red with yellow piping. I certainly won’t worry too much about that as key source Daniel Schorr wrote that it was unknown whether the battalion even wore grenadier caps.

I’ve three more regiments that I’d like to do, in addition to the officers and musicians which also come with the Mars Saxon Infantry box, but the deadline for Ann’s challenge is approaching fast! Though I doubt I’ll be able to submit any more in time my intention is to press on regardless with this surprisingly enjoyable set of figures, so expect some more!

7 thoughts on “March Painting Challenge: Saxony Soldiers II

    1. Thank you, John. I think they paint up quite nicely.

      My source for this regiment was the Tacitus website and it relied on two sources – one of whom stated that the uniform is ‘unknown’ but another suggested that the facings and vest were red, So, it seems we’re on uncertain ground but I liked the illustration on the website and have reproduced it regardless. Certainly, Tacitus cite another line regiment with ‘crimson’ facings to it’s red coat, so it seems it was not unknown in the Saxon army, but not common.

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    1. I’ve been working hard on them for sure, partly because I should be – finally – moving this week so painting won’t be on the radar for a while.

      Well done with the Parazeullians – just been checking them out!

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