Lines of Communication

With a long-awaited house move having become suddenly immanent, this is just a short announcement that Suburban Militarism will probably be silent for the next few weeks. Not coincidentally, a few weeks is also the length of time it apparently takes to connect me to the internet. So, apologies in advance for any late replies / lack of interaction with fellow friends and bloggers in the interim.

After nearly a decade at the current HQ, it now just leaves the Commander-in-Chief General Sir Rudolf St. Nicholas to order the entire armed forces of Suburban Militarism forward…

General St. Nicholas, mounted aboard his steed Pandepascua, orders the general advance…

13 thoughts on “Lines of Communication

  1. OOHH ! Mate, I have just gone onto the floor in the terrible position!! hold on tight mate and it will be over soon ! I’m still receiving therapy but I’m getting there!

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    1. Ouch!

      Amazingly – made it to the new house OK. 🙂 I envisage many months of trying to sort out the chaos. Already really happy with my move out to the country.

      Frustratingly, managed to retrieve essential soldier stuff but not the paints which are still in a rented lockup!

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      1. Oh mate that’s a plus😃sorry about the paints 🤔I’m still trying t find some of my modelling gear🤨. Like you matey It’s only been a few weeks but I’m still trying to get my head around the move 🤔so good !!! .

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