April’s Painting Challenge: Saxony Soldiers III

Before this blog went quiet, I had just finished some more figures for the Neglected but not Forgotten challenge, and I’ve continued with these Saxon Great Northern War figures in the meantime. I’ve enjoyed building an army and seem maniacally committed to keep on going. To date I have painted figures representing the:

Ann has posted a fabulous roundup of the various submissions for this challenge and I urge visitors to check it out here!

Since I’ve been away, Ann also launched into Second Annual “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” Painting and Hobby Challenge for the month of April. Utterly boringly I’ll be submitting… yes, more Saxons! They fit the rules of the challenge and – quite frankly – it’s been all I’ve been able to paint during the month of April anyway. So, with apologies, this is what I’ve been busy doing:

Command and musicians for the Kurprinz Regiment

The command figures (which I’ll repeat for each regiment) features an officer with a halberd, an officer with a cane, a Senior officer with riding boots, an NCO, an ensign with flag, and two musicians (a drummer and a fifer).

Although both musicians are finished, I might yet add some crest design to the drums for all the drummers.

The ensign came with a sculpted flag. Trying to paint sculpted flags with ornate and intricate designs is likely to lead to disappointment! So, I’ve cut it off and replaced it with a printed alternative. The flag itself is directly downloadable for free from the wonderful Tacitus website, it is a trifle – ah – too large it being intended for 40mm, not 20mm, figures but it fitted nicely on the flag pole without any scaling so I’m sticking to it.

Command and musicians for The Polish Guard

I also painted some command figures and musicians for a new regiment, the elite Polish Guard (later named the 1st Guards Regiment). The Elector of Saxony, Friedrich Augustus I also became King of Poland and this was reflected in his two prestigious Guards regiments; The Polish Guard and The Saxon Guard.

I did a little shenanigans here, repainting five of my original Zeitz Regiment figures as Polish Guards with white cuffs and red hat lace.

Zeitz’s Regiment… again!

So, I then painted some new figures to replace the ones in the Zeitz Regiment which were now Polish Guards and added more too. Ten Zeitz figures now painted, the Zeitz Regiment is just awaiting it’s quota of command figures and musicians to be completed.

The Zeitz Regiment firing line features some men firing remarkably high. Perhaps they are shooting uphill or at ramparts? It might even be a salute over the grave of a fallen comrade…

Reuss’ Regiment

Finally, the last regiment I’ve raised is Reuss’ Regiment. They are distinguished by pale blue facings and so far consist of finished a kneeling firing line, an officer, a drummer and a fifer. Once again, the Saxons seem to be firing high – no wonder the Swedes beat them. To offset this a little, I’ve tilted them forward on their bases slightly.

A box of previously untouched figures has now grown steadily into a fully painted army from the Great Northern War numbering nearly 50 figures. And it’s still growing. The great thing about challenges like Ann’s is that it provides the kind of impetus needed to get things painted and brought to life.

17 thoughts on “April’s Painting Challenge: Saxony Soldiers III

    1. Thanks! I use Daler Rowney matt varnish which is the matt-iest matt that I know of and seems to generally protect well from the fairly light handling they experience from me.

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      1. I really don’t know for sure but hopefully they would? I prime them by cleaning with detergent first, rinsing off and then when dry painting on some pva glue. All that is before adding any paint – and then with the varnish on top that should give some durability, I would think.

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      2. I think you’re right on both counts. I’m not a wargamer so, distance is not so important for me. If you were minded to go matt then I guess a second coat would add extra protection if needed.

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  1. Brilliant work again from the Master!! great painting mate, and as John said pretty good for a lad that’s just move house!! I’m still to sort myself out! anyway I have finally come to the end of the longest running Dio I have ever done and will with luck post it in the next couple of days ! cheers mate good to see you back so soon!!

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