Saxony Soldiers V

Yet another infantry regiment is completed for my Lace Wars Saxon army, the third out of six for the infantry corps (apologies if I’m boring my more regular visitors). The Zeitz Regiment now has its full compliment of officers, musicians and troops.

Now, I say ‘full compliment’ but it seems as though the drummer and fifer – ah – forgot to make parade for the purposes of this photoshoot. Both are up on a charge.

Those who did manage to turn up for parade involve a front rank firing their muskets and another loading.

The flag bearer I displayed in a previous post but as he made the effort to turn up – here he is again with a few extra views. As before, his flag is based on the elite Polish Guards flag but with a green background.

The officers of Zeitz’s Regiment:

I’m already well into painting two of the remaining three regiments and I will share progress when they’re done. In the interim, I’m also pushing on with that Saxon regiment of cuirassiers, Beust’s Regiment, so plenty keeping me occupied with the brush of late. Spring very belatedly seems to have decided to put in an appearance lately, although so late as to be more accurately called early summer. Nevertheless, it is most welcome and when not hiding away from the nice weather painting toy soldiers, I’m out working on my new garden.

13 thoughts on “Saxony Soldiers V

  1. I’m dividing my time between garden and painting table as well. I’ll never get bored of your Lace regiments – keep them coming!

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  2. A nice little group of lads you have done mate! I’m glad you have got some sun! Its winter here and bloody cold, sorry for us over here,it got down to minus two the other night!! we did move to an elevated spot so we have to expect it so I wont complain!!

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      1. Ha Ha ! right mate! back down in the city all the shit in the air prevented it getting below 5C most of the time in winter. one thong is we don’t get snow unless you go up to the mountains in the east which we don’t as I had my share of that when I lived two years over there in the late seventies, first two days was fun, after that nu!!!

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