Suburban Militarism is on Holiday…

The Suburban Militarism holiday postcard featuring my avatar (Sergeant-Major Lejaune from Beau Geste) on a beach is a tradition going back a few years now (2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic). See below for previous postcards:

12 thoughts on “Suburban Militarism is on Holiday…

  1. Thanks for the card matey I’ll be thinking of you enjoying some warmth while i’m stuck in virus lock down in the cold !! Oh I suppose its better to be locked up in the cold than in summer!!

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      1. Will do. Wife and I are both double-jabbed now. I did attend my uncle’s funeral two weeks ago who sadly died from Covid. He had both jabs but was vulnerable from his weak immune system.

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      2. Sorry to hear that , we are yet to get ours due to a lack of vaccine but it shouldn’t be long . We are pretty safe though as we have had no cases in my town of 7 thousand 🤞.

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