Saxony Soldiers VIII

A short post this to announce that my final infantry regiment in my Lace Wars Saxon Army by Mars is complete. A smaller group, Hayn’s Grenadier Battalion has red facings and mitres.

Family photo: Hayn’s Grenadier Battalion

The usual flag bearer and officers accompany 9 grenadiers.

With all six of my regiments now complete, I’ll very shortly be posting the whole infantry brigade together which I think comes to over 90 figures.

11 thoughts on “Saxony Soldiers VIII

  1. Congratulations, Marvin. Only 400 more to go and then you can start on their opponents! Another nice group of figures – I always love to see what you achieve with your paint brush. Your faces especially are always really effectively done.

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    1. Many thanks, Bill. I think the sculptor has done a great job with finding some character in the faces, so that helps me a lot.

      Only 400 to go, you say… 😭

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