A Saxon Infantry Brigade

As promised in my last post, I present my entire Lace Wars Saxon infantry brigade.

Below are the Kurprinz Regiment (yellow flag and facings).

To their right are Martiniere’s Grenadiers in the centre of the line.

Next are the elite Polish Guards with their white facings and red hat lace:

To their rear, Zeitz’s Regiment with their distinctive olive green facings:

Reuss’ Regiment of infantry with their light blue distinctions:

And finally, the smaller formation which is Hayn’s Grenadier Battalion.

Well, that’s enough of the Saxon infantry regiments for now. I’ll be moving on to something a little different which I intend to post on shortly.

13 thoughts on “A Saxon Infantry Brigade

    1. Haha, I’ll take “young” as a description very happily nowadays! In fact, when I got my Covid jab back in April the lady said that my bad reaction to the first jab was common in young people. I wondered who the heck she was talking to!


    1. Thanks James, I’ve done my best with them. Though I know the manufacturer can get a bad press for some of its figures, I think these Mars figures really do have some merit.

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