Chevaux du Roi

Back to the 1/72 scale horse and musket era, so that means, ah, horses. Not just any old horses. Horse Grenadier horses!

If these equines are familiar it will be because I painted the same very recently as Strelets’ British / Saxon Cavalry from the War of the Spanish Succession era. Strelets have used the same horse sculpts for this French set.

This small herd wear blue-edged white horse cloths as can be seen on the cover French Royal Horse Grenadiers box. Illustrations show double white edges but I’ve gone with painting a single line as I value my sanity.

Box art from Strelets French Royal Horse Grenadiers

Their distinctively-dressed riders are well-advanced in their painting so hopefully should be united with their exotically attired human companions soon.

10 thoughts on “Chevaux du Roi

    1. Hi Stokes,

      Many thanks, I just prime my horses with black which seems to make for the natural look I’m looking for. After the dark brown it’s then a black wash before adding the dark brown / brown highlights. Now I write it down, it sounds like overkill!




  1. Very nice mate, I am a bit disappointed with your choice of balking at the double lines! you did so well on the white one!
    Funny thing is mate I have purchased a couple of boxes from this series for a project I have had in mind for some time! I never thought I would be using figures with tricon hats but there you go, you would think at my age I would have learnt the phrase “never say never!!

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    1. Thanks pal. I’m really looking forward to seeing you enter the tricorn era. I think your careful painting approach will be perfect for it.

      Maybe it’s wisdom, or maybe I’m slacking but I just couldn’t face the careful double-lining! 😀

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  2. Very nice, Marvin! 🙂 I’ll be honest, and back you up here, I’d go with the single white line myself! I’ve stopped painting thin piping detail on uniforms since it just wouldn’t be visible at anything other than close up!


    1. Thank you, John. I think that’s a very sensible approach. I don’t mind going for a little extra unnecessary detail occasionally myself but trying to paint perfectly parallel white lines freehand (i.e. there’s only line sculpted) I know is something that will drive me up the wall! 😀

      Every project I cut corners somewhere, I even allow myself to do just that, it’s kind of a treat for all the rest of the hard work! Hmm, maybe I’m maturing in my attitude? Or maybe I’m slacking?!


  3. It’s always a pleasure and an education to see your beautifully painted horses, Marvin. It looks like the sculpts maybe gave you a bit of trouble with carving the flash? Still, they turned out beautifully and it was a good call on the double white line.


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