News from the Serbian Front…

The year is 1914 and the Kingdom of Serbia is mobilising. Troops of the 1st Ban in their green-grey uniforms rapidly assemble to meet the invading Austro-Hungarian army…

Or, to put it less melodramatically, my Serbian WWI infantry project has been moving forward slowly but steadily.

Previously, I had finished off painting my First World War Austrian K & K troops. These men in Pike-Grey uniforms still require the challenge of pinning them, but otherwise are finished. In the meantime, their adversaries, my Serbian army, have been cut from the sprue, cleaned, prepared, primed and placed on bottle-tops…

…they’ve had their uniforms base-coated, shaded and highlighted…

…and also had their faces basically prepared, though there is still much work to be done on those.

After their faces and skin have been completed to my satisfaction, next up will be their accoutrements including buttons and ammunition pouches, etc. With dozens to do, I imagine all that will keep me busy to the end of the year, especially as at the same time I’ve certain other things to attend to relating to Suburban Militarism’s traditions at Christmas. More on that anon…

13 thoughts on “News from the Serbian Front…

  1. Those are really nice, Marvin! 🙂 I think you’ve got the uniform colour spot on! Strelets do some nice sets! By some strange coincidence I have been working on Balkan Wars troops tonight, since it’s far too long since I painted some!

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    1. Thanks John, I’ve been sweating about the uniform colour so that’s music to my ears. I went the wrong way with the colour and had to do some emergency re-tinting for the whole lot!

      Great to hear you’re engaged in the same Balkan theatre with your painting. Make sure you share the results! 🙂

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      1. I’m working on some Greeks and am probably also going have to consider the uniform colour carefully – it seems to be mostly described as olive-khaki, but there seems to be quite a variation in the shades in the books I’ve got!

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      2. Yes, I found the same thing painting these. Shades vary between different artists and the printing/publishing variations leading to a range of possibilities.

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  2. I’ve been admiring the paint jobs on your WWI figures. I’m about to start painting 1/72 Russian Civil War plastics. So, what do you prime with? And do you give your figures some sort of final protective coat?
    I wargame with my figures, so durability is always a concern!

    Thanks, Mark

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    1. Hi Mark, after giving the figures a good wash beforehand in washing up liquid, I prime with a coat of PVA glue. Once dry, I then use any old black acrylic paint, nothing fancy – I even sometimes use spray car paint which is quick and cost efficient for larger numbers of figures.

      I don’t wargame but I like my paint to stay on and PVA glue seems good for resisting paint flaking off. Of course, a coat of matt varnish also helps to protect.




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