Serbian Infantry Update

With one small exception, my group of Serbian WWI infantry are finished.

The whole group consist of the following poses:

Throwing a grenade:

Kneeling, firing:

Charging with the bayonet:

Standing, firing:

Advancing with the bayonet:


Kneeling with bayonet:

With those painted, it leaves the officers. As I’ve been requested to create a flag bearer, I’m planning to see if I can convert one officer to holding the Serbian flag – we’ll just have to see how that goes…!

Their adversaries, the army of the Austro-Hungarian empire, I painted some time ago but still require their bases removing and pins inserting. This is no easy task and I’m wary of damaging the paint, so I’m going to trial a few of these to see if its viable without ruining them.

15 thoughts on “Serbian Infantry Update

  1. These are brilliant, Marvin! 🙂 You’ve even done the coloured sock/puttee/leg-wrap things that I can recall seeing on one of the colour plates in my Osprey Balkan Wars book! Not sure if it’s any good to you, but Lancer Miniatures do a Serbian standard bearer, although he may be a little shorter than your figures!

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    1. Thanks John 🙂 That’s a really great suggestion about the standard bearer as I’m not too confident about the conversion. I’ll check that Lancer figure out, thanks!

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