Missing in Action

A little over a year ago, I moved to a new home. Along with the rest of my house contents, I, of course, transported all my miniature troops. During the move, one group of figures went AWOL and have remained missing ever since moving day. This is a problem as they were due to be called for duty at the end of the year.

The formation in question are the Carolling Hussars from my seasonal Army of Advent.

Carolling Hussars (currently missing…)

They must have numbered no more than a dozen in total and I vaguely remember they mere packed in a box completely separate from the rest of my figures, possibly due to space. Being packed in a box unrelated to my hobby has meant they have remained lost despite a number of searches. No doubt they’ll turn up one day, but in the meantime the regiment is due for a tour of duty this Christmas.

So, I’ve been busily raising a new troop of recruits for the Carolling Hussars…

The figures are from Revell’s classic Prussian Hussars of the Seven Years War. The sculpting of this set was, in my opinion, terrific, which makes them a pleasure to paint up.

The Carolling Hussars needed an officer (absent from the Revell set) and so I’ve used an officer of Prussian Hussars by Hagen Miniatures of Germany.

Introducing the regiment’s own commanding officer – the very dashing and debonair Lieutenant-Colonel Cranbury-Soarse.

The CO is based on a 2 penny piece and sports a red sash as well as a few plumes of gold tinsel in his mirliton headdress. The tinsel should be red but a search of the Christmas decorations failed to locate any (you may have noticed a theme of me losing things…). Henceforth, I now decree that the regiment will wear gold plumes.

Anyway, whilst the rank and file troopers in his regiment have white fur trim on their pelisses, as an officer, the Lieutenant-Colonel has expensive sable black fur surrounding his pelisse. In the tradition of naming the horses for all my Adventian army officers, Cranbury-Soarse rides Pio Quinto*, a lively, black Spanish Andalusian stallion.

*(Pio Quinto is a Nicaraguan Christmas dessert consisting of cake drenched in rum, topped with a custard, and dusted with cinnamon).

The rest of the regiment feature in a variety of poses. Some are suitably relaxed as befits troops intended to stand guard amongst the Christmas decorations:

Eventually, the aim is for the regiment to parade in these least dramatic poses, but for now I couldn’t resist also painting the more active figures too, the epitome of the dashing hussar.

The uniform is inspired by the Puttkamer Hussars, a regiment sometimes referred to as the “White Hussars” on account of their pelisses. Their namesake was Colonel Georg Ludwig von Puttkamer who met his end at the Battle of Kunersdorf.

In the Revell set, there are also some pleasing figures discharging their firearms:

The Carolling Hussars’ bugler is distinguished with some additional markings and his pelisse is edged in a light grey fur instead of white.

A flag bearer will need to be manufactured at some point but for now I at least have a regiment to parade come December. And, who knows, perhaps the rest of the regiment will even turn up by then?


10 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Very nice indeed, love the uniform and the idea. Did you use a removal company? The single box on its own might have made a tempting target for light fingers. I lost a lot of 15mm artillery that way in a house move many years ago. Ever since my entire collection travels to a new property in my car. Cheers Chris

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    1. Thanks Chris! The uniform is one of my very favourites, I think. Lots of detail to paint with this which took a while.

      I did use a ‘man with a van’ as we had v. short notice for the move and no removals were available. Most but not all did travel in my car to avoid rough handling. But I don’t think they were taken, I still believe they are in a box within another box somewhere which I wouldn’t usually check (I have ‘lots’ of my daughter’s toys in storage). So there’s still hope yet! 🙂

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  2. As always, beautiful painting and a nice addition to your Christmas troops. I spotted that Hagen figure in the bunch right away – so distinctive! I’m sure the rest of those that are AWOL will show up eventually and then you will have twice as many Hussar Carollers!
    BTW, thanks for introducing me to this set – it’s beautiful and I’m thinking the mirlitons might make them suitable for Napoleonic Spanish Hussars. Hmmm… if I can find them…

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    1. Thanks! I do like the drama and character in the Hagen range. I have a number of other ones lined up for Advent officers.

      I’ve not yet given up hope on those missing hussars turning up before Christmas. I will locate them one day I think.

      Good thinking about the Spanish hussars. I know that some British hussars wore the same until about 1805 and I’ve been tempted to reproduce some of them for the old Nap Cavalry Project.

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  3. I’ll be honest, Marvin! I was avidly reading about your woes and successes in painting the new figures until you mentioned Pio Quinto! That dessert is now all I can think about, so thank you for bringing it to my attention! I’m sure it’s even nicer than your latest figures, if that is possible!
    Those really are nice figures mind you and Hagen Miniatures have come up with a nice figure yet again!

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    1. Haha, Thanks John, I know what you mean about that dessert, all the ingredients are right up my street!

      There aren’t that many 1/72 scale 7YW era figures that I know of, so it’s particularly good that they have so many great figures to choose from.

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  4. Hey mate don’t worry they will turn up,maybe not this Christmas but the next! We have been in the new place and I said to my wife that I’m still opening bloody boxes of models and figures!!To which she said join the party!! and I though we had done a pretty good culling before we left. Um, maybe we both lied !! HA HA ! The replacements look so good If I was you I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure word will get around and the other lads will make there presence noticed.

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