Suburban Militarism is a blog dedicated to the gentle hobby of painting model soldiers. It is not connected in any way with the actual stockpiling of megadeath military-grade armaments from the comfort of one’s own home…

Let me explain: ever since I was a small boy I was fascinated by images of colourful 18th and 19th century uniforms but was often starved of information or indeed access to many models. Time went by and as I entered early middle age, I decided to get back in touch with this passion once more, collecting and painting model solders whilst using this blog as a record of my activities. I think that there must be many more destructive outlets for a mid-life crisis than model soldier painting. 

More background on the genesis of Suburban Militarism and my love of model soldiers can be found on the inaugural post here.

As for me, I’m from the UK and live with my wife, daughter and an array of friendly pets. Few know of my hobby outside of my immediate family. Behind those net curtains, one man builds an army…

Red Lancer (8)

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