In 2016/17, I made a series of regular blog posts displaying images from “British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century”; a set of trade cards issued by Badshah Tea Co. of London in 1963.

The headings below link to the original blog posts featuring the card artwork, text and links to further information about each regiment.

  1. The 10th Royal Hussars (c.1830)
  2. The 9th Lancers (c.1820)
  3. The 5th Dragoon Guards (c.1830)
  4. The 13th Light Dragoons (c.1854)
  5. The 1st Life Guards (c.1821)
  6. The 6th Dragoon Guards (c.1888)
  7. The 4th Light Dragoons (c.1860)
  8. The Royal North British Dragoons (c.1815)
  9. The 1st Royal Dragoons (1837)
  10. The 15th Hussars (c.1825)
  11. The 14th Light Dragoons (c.1808)
  12. The Royal Horse Guards (c.1818)
  13. The 7th Queens Own Light Dragoons (c.1805)
  14. The 7th Queens Own Hussars (c.1846)
  15. The 2nd Life Guards (c.1805)
  16. The 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons (c.1832)
  17. The 8th Hussars (c.1899)
  18. The Royal Horse Guards (c.1815)
  19. The 17th Lancers (c.1830)
  20. The 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons (c.1860)
  21. The 14th Light Dragoons (c.1800)
  22. The 4th Queen’s Own Dragoons (c.1808)
  23. The 3rd Dragoon Guards (c.1860)
  24. The 4th Light Dragoons (c.1812)
  25. The 11th Hussars (c.1865)