“It’s a long way to Balaclava…”

I’ve been in a figure painting competition, a so-called “duel” on the excellent Benno’s Figures Forum. Each month a new competitor takes on the mystical Mr ‘X’ in a stand up contest as to who has painted the best figure.

This month, I elected to throw my hat into the ring and go toe-to-toe (or should that be brush to brush) with Mr X. The rules include painting the same figure and this was the figure Mr X and I had to tackle; a Russian Grenadier figure from Strelets’ Crimean War range.

Strelets Russian Infantryman

And here was my painted contribution:

Votes were cast by the forum members for the best figure over the week. And the winner was (cue drum roll)…

Me! Probably one of my finest achievements here on Suburban Militarism – beating the very wonderful Mr X!