From the cigarette card set “Types of Volunteer and Yeomanry”, issued by W H & J Woods Ltd of Preston in 1902.

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From the cigarette card set “Types of Volunteer and Yeomanry”, issued by W H & J Woods Ltd of Preston in 1902.

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Dutch Infantry Cyclists

Well, this has been a challenge! My contribution to the Bennos Figures Forum group build has seen me well out of my comfort zone. Metal figures, the WWII era, civilians, never mind those bicycles, none of these are something I’m used to painting!

I’m finding that metal figures at 1/72 scale don’t enjoy the same level of detail as plastic figures. My usual approach to painting is to reveal the detail that the sculptor has provided his model with by a careful application of shading. With the same high-level of detail as plastic figures being unavoidably absent for metal ones, I’ve come to the realisation that a slightly different approach is needed. It’s the kind of painting development which takes time to develop through experience, but I don’t have the time as I’m on a deadline for the Group Build!

Dutch 9

So, I’ve just had to go with what I’ve got. I hope I’ve not done Early War Miniatures an injustice as I send them over to Europe to join the other figures in the project. Here they are as they get close to completion. Amongst other things, I’ve still got to paint and glue on their rifles, but I’ll do them last as they look a little fragile.

The Cyclists:

The Civilians:

Dutch 6

The scene: One cyclist dismounts to speak to the young blond lady that’s caught his eye…

I’m hoping that group build ‘project lead’ Jan will provide the diorama itself, using my figures in something like the set up shown above. Once these are finished, I’ll send them over to Germany for him to work his magic!

The Road to Arnhem!

At last! My figures from Early War Miniatures have finally arrived. These are metal 1/72 scale Dutch infantry cyclists from (as the manufacturer’s name suggests) the early period of WWII, prior to the German invasion of the low countries.

They are going to be my contribution to the latest Benno’s Figures Forum group build project for 2016. Last year featured a build to commemorate the 200th anniersary of the Battle of Waterloo and inspired my subsequent Nappy Cavalry Project. This year, project lead Mabo has come up with the following idea which he’s called “The Road to Arnhem”.

My idea is to create a special diorama, that features an ideal of a street leading to Arnhem, the home of the FIGZ, throughout all time periods. So in the end we will have parts that are 10 square centimetre and [are put] together in a long row sorted into time periods.

Think about scenes that could have happened: Stone age people hunting, Celts riding, Romans, exploring, Franks travelling, Knights fighting, medival people discussing, Bandit waiting for a treasurer, Landsknechts resting, civilians farming, British troops travelling to Hannover, Nappies running around everywhere, the Great War, A Bridge to far and finally the modern times…

So, with that in mind, here is my idea… The year is 1940, it is during the period of the so-called ‘phoney war’ and in these uneasy times a small Dutch infantry platoon of cyclists is out on manoeuvres near Arnhem…

You’ll see a couple of ‘stunt cyclists’ in the above pictures which, ah, probably won’t be included. I’m now waiting for some paints to come through to help me with the Dutch army uniform (for which great advice I must thank my Dutch friend Michael from Benno’s Forum). I’ve also ordered some civilian figures which I hope might act as bystanders and which will hopefully help me provide some sort of narrative. Perhaps one of the cyclists dismounts and speaks to a young lady who catches his eye?

And in other news… I’ve been asked to produce some painted figures for the young son of a friend. Not sure what to paint at the moment, though something Napoleonic seems to be the brief. With so much on here at Suburban Militarism, I’m going to be hard pushed to find time, though of course I’m very happy to make this a priority. After all, I could be encouraging a modeller or wargamer of the future!