British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century: 4th Light Dragoons

A series of regular blog posts displaying images from “British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century”; a set of trade cards issued by Badshah Tea Co. of London in 1963. 

#7: The 4th Light Dragoons

“[Like two other cards in this series] this illustrates one of the uniforms of the 4th Light Dragoons. This uniform was worn during the period  just before the regiment was converted to Hussars in 1860.”

4th Light Dragoons (c.1860)
Sites of interest about the 4th Light Dragoons:

National Army Museum page on the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars (Light Dragoons).

The old museum of the Queen’s Own Hussars is due for closure in 2017 but a project for the replacement (in a merger with the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars museum) is underway. The new Warwick-based Queen’s Royal Hussars museum is currently fund-raising and donations are being accepted through this new website.

Roger Fenton photograph of officers of the 4th Light Dragoons during the Crimean War.