British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century: The 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons

A series of regular blog posts displaying images from “British Cavalry Uniforms of the 19th Century”; a set of trade cards issued by Badshah Tea Co. of London in 1963. 

#16: The 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons

“This was one of the regiments of Dragoons raised in 1685 by James II at the time of the Monmouth Rebellion. This is a trooper in the uniform of about 1832 with the red jacket favoured by William IV. In 1861, the 3rd converted to Hussars.”

Trooper, 3rd (King’s Own) LD, c. 1832.

Sites of interest about the 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons / Hussars:

National Army Museum page on the 3rd (King’s Own) Light Dragoons (who later became the 3rd King’s Own Hussars).

The Queen’s Own Hussars Museum web page on the history of the regiment. This museum is due to be re-homed  from it’s original premises in the ancient Lord Leycester’s Hospital in Warwick. You can visit the website on the relocation project and donate here.

Extensive Wikipedia page on the 3rd (King’s Own) Hussars.