For 2018, in a departure from my usual 18th and 19th century figures, I’ve begun to depict something of the early 20th century by focusing on the First World War whose armistice meets it’s centenary this year. Below is a list of any related posts, grouped by relevant nationality.

Links to any relevant posts will be posted below and updated frequently.



‘Soldiers of Serbia’Announcing The Project with some words on Serbia’s occasionally tragic experience  in the First World War and its indefatigable resistance…

Early WWI Serbian Infantry (1914-15)The first figures painted in the project: Strelets Serbian Infantry in Winter Dress in their early war guise.

Heroic Female Soldiers of Serbia – On the astonishing history of six brave female soldiers who fought for Serbia during WWI.

Serbia is Saved! Late WWI Serbian Infantry (1916-18) –  The final group of Strelets Serbian Infantry in Winter Dress, dressed in post 1916 uniforms.

My Serbs are travelling to Serbia! – A lovely coda to the Serbian figures story as they get sent over to Serbia to be a part of an exhibition in Belgrade’s military museum!


french postard 9b

Le Pantalon RougeA little history and background to the Caesar Miniatures’ figures depicting 1914 French infantry figures.

En Avant!An update on the unfinished figures.

La MitrailleuseMy two machine gun teams armed with the St. Etienne Mitrailleuse are completed. Also, a review of the St. Etienne machine gun’s history and even some artwork!

Voilà les Poilus: French WWI Infantry (1914)The rest of the Caesar box of French WWI infantry of 1914, including the officer and remaining infantrymen.

Le Bleu Horizon – A blog about the change of uniform that the French army adopted after ‘Le Pantalon Rouge’. Also introducing the next group of figures by Pegasus Hobbies.

Quel travail! Voila les mitrailleuses! – The machine gun teams and men lying prone from the Pegasus Hobbies set are presented. They are featured in four small mini dioramas.

Mon Infanterie Française! – The finished figures (all standing and kneeling infantry) from the rest of the Pegasus Hobbies box of 1917 WWI French Infantry.



Pike Grey and the “K & K” Introducing the Strelets Austro-Hungarian figures and some historical background to the empire and its fortunes in WWI.

Men of the Common ArmyAn update on the near finished infantry and infantry with gas masks figures.

Strelets WWI Austro-Hungarian Infantry in Gasmasks –  Presenting the finished and based figures which feature gasmasks. Also a little on gas warfare and my own family history.

Strelets WWI Austro-Hungarian InfantryThe finished figures from the other Strelets kit featuring the infantry without gasmasks.



Belgium’s Carabinier BicyclistsTaking a look at the use of the bicycle in WWI and the Belgium army’s use of Carabinier bicyclists which are the subject of the next set of figures by HaT.

Presenting Belgium’s Carabinier Cyclists! – The final figures mounted and based, ready for action!


Model kits used thus far:

Pegasus Hobbies – WWI French Infantry 1917/1918

Pegasus french (2)

HaT – WWI Belgian Carabinier Bicyclists

DSCF5784 (2)

Strelets – WWI Austrian Infantry


Strelets – Austro-Hungarian Infantry in Gasmasks

Strelets Austrian infantry gasmasks

Caesar Miniatures – French WWI Infantry (1914)

DSCF4523 (3)

Strelets – Serbian WWI Infantry in Winter Dress

DSCF4219 (2)