Links to all the 29 Napoleonic Cavalry Regiments Painted in the Project so far

The original intention of the Nappy Cavalry Project was to paint at least 10 figures for a variety of Napoleonic cavalry regiments during 2015; since then it has continued to grow. The emphasis is on exploring a variety of manufacturers, nations, types and colours. The links below will take you to a post featuring images of painted figures together with brief regimental biographies.


#1 Regiment: 1st Hussars [France]

The first regiment of hussars, figures by Italeri.

French Hussar


#2 Regiment:  4th Chasseurs a Cheval [France]

The fourth regiment of chasseurs a cheval, figures from the “French Light Cavalry” set by Italeri.

Figure #1 - Rear view of the Trumpeter


#3 Regiment:  13th Light Dragoons [Great Britain]

The 13th Light Dragoon regiment. Once more, using figures from Italeri.

First Five LDs (1)


#4 Regiment:  1st Leib (Death’s Head) Hussars [Prussia]

The Death’s Head Hussars or 1st Leib Hussar Regiment of Prussia. Figures by Waterloo 1815.

Prussian Leib Hussars (15)


#5 Regiment:  2nd Dutch ‘Red’ Lancers [France]

The 2nd (Dutch) Red Lancers of the Imperial Guard. Figures from the Zvezda set “Polish Lifeguard Uhlans”.

Zvezda Dutch Red Lancers


#6 Regiment:  5th Brandenburg Dragoons [Prussia]

The 5th Brandenburg Dragoons Regiment, Waterloo era. This set was produced with an extra mounted Jager figure. Figures from Italeri’s Prussian Light Cavalry Set using horses from Italeri’s Prussian Cuirassiers set.

Prussian Dragoons (13)


#7 Regiment:  17th Regiment of Dragoons [France]

French 17th Dragoons, painted using Italeri figures.

French Dragoon (16)


#8 Regiment:  1st Royal Dragoons [Great Britain]

The British 1st Royal Dragoons painted using Waterloo 1815’s British Heavy Dragoons 1812-15.

1st Dragoons (22)


#9 Regiment:  4th Hussars (1st Silesian) [Prussia]

The Prussian 4th (1st Silesian) Hussars, painted using Waterloo 1815 Prussian Hussars set.

Silesian Hussars Outside (15)


 #10 Regiment:  Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) [Great Britain]

The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) were painted using Revell’s British Life Guards set, the uniforms being virtually the same and differing only in colour.

RHG nearly done (7)


 #11 Regiment:  Lifeguard Cossacks [Russia]

The Lifeguard Cossack Regiment was painted using Zvezda’s figures.

Lifeguard Cossack (20)


 #12 Regiment:  1st Carabiniers [France]

Painted using Italeri’s “French Heavy Cavalry” set.

Carabiniers a Cheval (18)


 #13 Regiment:  10th Cuirassiers [France]

This regiment was painted using Zvezda’s French Cuirassiers set.

Cuirassiers (16)


 #14 Regiment:  Napoleon and his escort, the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Imperial Guard [France]

Using Italeri’s French General Staff set to produce Napoleon himself with his personal escort, the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Imperial Guard.

Napoleon and escort (11)


 #15 Regiment:  2nd North British Dragoons (Scots Greys) [Great Britain]

This regiment was painted at the inception of the project in 2015 and are belatedly included here. The figures are by Esci, originally part of my childhood collection.

DSCF7147 (3)


 #16 Regiment:  4th Dutch Light Dragoons [Netherlands]

This was one of two regiments available in HaT’s Dutch-Belgian Light Dragoons set.

Dutch LD (11)


 #17 Regiment:  5th Belgian Light Dragoons [Netherlands]

The other of the two regiments available in HaT’s Dutch-Belgian Light Dragoons set.

Belgian LD (11)


 #18 Regiment:  1st Life Guards [Great Britain]

The second regiment produced from Revell’s Life Guards set of figures.



#19 Regiment: Grenadiers a Cheval [France]

Figures painted from HaT’s now rare Horse Grenadiers set.



 #20 Regiment: 1st Regiment of Lancers [France]

This regiment was created using Waterloo 1815’s French Line Lancers set. Figures had separate arms and lances.



#21 Regiment: Astrakhan Cuirassiers [Russia]

The Astrakhan Cuirassier Regiment was painted using Russian manufacturer Zvezda’s “Russian Cuirassiers 1812-1814” set of figures. 



#22 Regiment: Soum Hussars [Russia]

The Soum Hussars used Zvezda’s Napoleonic “Russian Hussars 1812-1814” which includes separate pelisses and some lances (a feature of Russian Hussar regiments).

Soum Hussars (32)


#23 Regiment: Lifeguard Dragoons [Russia]

This regiment was created using two Zvezda kits; Russian Dragoons 1812-1814 and Russian Dragoons Command 1812-1814. Most of the figures required some assembly.

Russian Lifeguard Dragoons (30)


#24 Regiment: Von Beeren Cuirassiers (Nr. 2) [Prussia]

The regiment features Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers, all figures chosen so that their bicorne hats broadly face the same way. The officer featured the use of a spare figure’s head.

Beeren Cuirassiers (33)


#25 Regiment: Mamelukes of the Imperial Guard [France]

Figures painted were the “Mamelukes” set by Italeri.

Mamelukes final (29)


#26 Regiment: Leib-Kurassiere Garde [Saxony]

This regiment was created using the Zvezda set “Saxon Cuirassiers 1810-1814”.

Saxon Cuirassiers (34).JPG


#27 Regiment: Mörner Hussars [Sweden]

The regiment was one of five included in HaT’s Napoleonic Swedish Cavalry set. Two sets were used to bring the regiment up to 18 figures.

Swedish Morner Hussars (26).JPG


#28 Regiment: The King’s Horse Guard [Sweden]

The regiment was one of five included in HaT’s Napoleonic Swedish Cavalry set. Being only 3 figures in each box, two were used to bring the regiment up to 6 figures in total.

Swedish Life Guard (19).JPG


#29 Regiment: Scanian Carabineers [Sweden]


The regiment was one of five included in HaT’s Napoleonic Swedish Cavalry set. Two boxes were used to bring the regiment up to a total of 12 figures.

Swedish Carabineers (50).JPG


#30 Regiment: TBA




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    1. Thank you for taking an interest. Very pleased you like them. I’ve a number of new regiments I still to add to the project in 2017/2018 so watch out for them. Best wishes. Marvin.


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