The Army of Advent is a small but growing army inspired by the theme of Christmas. Specially painted in suitably bright and colourful uniforms, these troops are created for one purely ceremonial purpose – the duty of standing guard amongst the decorations during the Christmas season.

Each year, two regiments from the The Army of Advent are chosen to undertake this prestigious duty, being displayed on decorated plinths amongst all the tinsel and Christmas cards. The Army of Advent currently consists of;

General Headquarters and Staff

Commander-in-Chief: General Sir Rudolf St. Nicholas


Infantry Brigade

Colonel Brandibutter (1st Noel Regt) commanding, Lieutenant Boxingday (Mistletoe Guards) ADC:

  1. The 1st Noel Regiment of Foot (CO: Major De Winter)
  2. The 2nd Noel Regiment of Foot (yet to be raised)
  3. The Yule Grenadiers (CO: Colonel Giftrapp)
  4. The Midwinter Fuzileers (CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Hoarfrost)
  5. The Mistletoe Guards (CO: Major Frankincense)
  6. The Poinsettian Rifles (CO: Captain Poinsettia)

Cavalry Brigade

Colonel Mulled-Wyne (Christingle Dragoons) commanding, Lieutenant Wassail (Carolling Hussars) ADC:


Colonel Lettitt-Snowe commanding:

  • Cracker Battery, Christmas Artillery (CO: Captain Fortune-Fisch)
  • Pudding Battery [Mortars], Christmas Artillery (yet to be raised) (CO: Lt. Roe-Sturkee)
  • Popper Battery, Christmas Artillery (yet to be raised) (CO: Lt. Hogmanay)

Technical Troops

Major Queens-Peach commanding:

Staff: Lieutenants O’Tannenbowm, Weeth-Reekings and Wenceslas.

  • The Nativity Corps of Pioneers and Sappers (yet to be raised)
  • Transport and Commissariat

Figures used to create my Army of Advent are all 1:72 scale, plastic or metal, of the Seven Years War era and include the following:

  • HaT 7YW Austrian Infantry Marching (1st Noel Regt and Yule Grenadiers)
  • HaT 7YW Prussian Infantry Marching (Midwinter Fuzileers)
  • HaT 7YW Austrian Command
  • HaT 7YW Prussian Command
  • Revell 7YW Austrian Dragoons (Christingle Dragoons)
  • Revell 7YW Prussian Hussars (Carolling Hussars)
  • Revell 7YW Austrian Artillery (Cracker and Popper Batteries)
  • Zvezda 7YW Prussian Grenadiers of Frederick II (Mistletoe Guards)
  • Hagen Miniatures Prussian 7 Years War range (Eggnog Cuirassiers, Poinsettian Rifles and Nativity Pioneers & Sappers)

The Stable Block

Adventian officers are particularly well-mounted on the finest stallions. Watch this space for more information.