Bombarding in a Winter Wonderland

And in other snowy news, the expansion of the base for Cracker Battery is finished. To expand the scene, I added some fir trees, a holly bush and a rickety old country fence.

The white modelling clay I’ve used is a slightly different shade to the original stuff but hopefully isn’t too noticeable.

They were not slated for a tour of duty as part of 2019’s decorations but when my wife saw me taking it back upstairs into storage she insisted it went out with the rest. So, Cracker Battery is also on display, their 7 pounder (that’s a seriously heavy snowball) points menacingly at my two other Christmas regiments…

2 thoughts on “Bombarding in a Winter Wonderland

  1. hey mate I must say the trees look like they are lit up with hundreds of candles, very effective !
    we were talking about fantasy figures earlier on and I have been commenting on the dark Alliance Amazons, well I saw some Amazons from Linear-A so being me I bought some to see whether they were compatible with the D/A ones and guess what they are, and they are also really well sculptured (the painting of them on the box cover does no favours ) ,I just thought you may wish to check them out, but be warned they aren’t cheap. cheers Pat .

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    1. Thanks Pat, that’s interesting. Never tried any Linear A stuff so I’ve no idea what to expect. Maybe if Santa slips some cash into my Christmas card (or birthday card – 2 days later) I may well be buying some!

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