Ottomania – Topçu Ocağı Corps Completed!

Campaigns consisted of invasions by great armies of the Ottomans, with heavy parks of artillery… The generals opposed to them, not being able to meet the Turks in the field, spread their forces in numerous fortresses, more or less strong, and the campaigns consisted in besieging these fortresses. With rare exceptions, these sieges were successful. The Turks brought overwhelming forces to bear on them. Their siege guns completely overmatched the guns of the defence. It was a question of a few days or a few weeks how long these fortresses could resist. From “The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay” by Baron G. Shaw-Lefevre Eversley (

I’ve been beavering away these past few weeks finishing off my collection of RedBox Ottoman Artillery (known as the Topçu Ocağı).

The pace of industrial development being slow during this period, the 16th Century Artillery box is broadly similar to their 17th Century set (but with different poses) so depicted wearing the same uniform colour, the sets will match well together.

As mentioned previously, I also had one stray broken cannon left over from the 16th Century Siege Artillery set. I’ve now put that right to make it a total of four of these siege gun teams, each with a mighty wall-smashing artillery piece. I confess to a macabre liking for these monsters of cannonry.

The 16th century artillery box includes some very pleasing poses, including these struggling ammunition carriers which, from their headdress, apppear to be janissaries which have been dragooned into the laborious task:

I also particularly like the ear-protecting character in a fez, seen here standing next to the officer in a large turban:

The plastic cannon pieces themselves are a trifle bendy but it is an effect that is not too noticeable. The carriages, however, I think look convincingly solid.

So, over the past year I’ve somehow managed to make myself a besieging Ottoman artillery corps (in Turkish; Topçu Ocağı) all being neatly entrenched behind earth-filled gabions,and consisting of 12 big guns, namely:

It all makes for a reasonably imposing sight when stretched out as a siege line across the lounge carpet. Even more imposing to a nervous population cowering behind it’s city walls, I should think! Not a bad start to my Ottomania project, all in all.

I’ve enjoyed branching out into a different era to the 18th / 19th centuries and you could say it’s expanded my horizons. I’ve already painted some Janissaries and there is plenty more in the RedBox range to expand my Ottomania project even further.

What’s more, I couldn’t resist purchasing some other 16th/17th Century troops from a rival nation state that I saw going very cheap on eBay recently, so there’s definitely some life in this project for some considerable time to come.

8 thoughts on “Ottomania – Topçu Ocağı Corps Completed!

    1. Thanks John. I wasn’t sure how far I’d want to go with this range but I surprised myself how much I enjoyed doing an unusual subject repetitively. So, yes, I expect some more to come! 🙂

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  1. Great painting, however the figure covering both ears would be in trouble, you cover the ear nearest the gun turning that side of the head towards the gun and open your mouth. It stops the pressure damaging the ear drums and stops your teeth rattling. I’m really enjoying your posts, thank you for sharing with us.

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    1. Thanks Neil, glad you’re enjoying them. That’s interesting about the ear protection – though I fear this information comes too late for our Turkish friend! 🙂

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  2. Hey mate an impressive array of artillery you have there across the lounge room floor, well done, I feel a little branching out has been the way to go this year as I myself have gone right away from my norm. It must be the influences of the fantasy boys and girls that’s drawn me into painting up the dark alliance sets .
    I’m going to post up some photos of just the painted figures soon as I’m still deciding on which figures go with which and what terrain I’m going to require for some smaller dioramas as Azazel has drawn my attention to the fact I’m running out of room for any more large ones !

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    1. Thanks mate – I’m rather pleased with my artillery corps. And I’m looking forward to seeing those figures! Even I have been finding myself a little tempted by the Dark Alliance side…

      As for smaller dioramas, I say – build an extension! 🙂

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