FEMbruary: The Other ‘Empress Catherine’

I’ve been making swift progress with my FEMbruary submission. In the first FEMbruary challenge back in 2018, I chose Bad Squiddo’s 28mm figure of Catherine the Great. One of the most remarkable rulers in history, most people are familiar with her name, the monarch being the subject of recent TV miniseries in the UK (2019) and Russia (2014-19). While Catherine II of Russia is famous, less familiar is Catherine I, mostly because she only reigned for three years after Peter I’s (her husband’s) death.

Catherine I, Empress of Russia by Augustine Fauchery, hand-coloured lithograph, 1830s NPG D34625 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Born of very humble beginnings as Marta Helena Skowrońska, she was nonetheless to become a remarkable and very capable empress. In a happy marriage, the “energetic, compassionate, charming, and always cheerful” Catherine proved to be the perfect partner to support and manage the tempestuous emperor Peter. With no successor named by the dying Peter, popular Catherine took power with the support of Peter’s best friend, Prince Menshikov, and the Guards Regiments.

I was interested to discover there was an equestrian portrait of Catherine I in a Guards uniform riding a grey charger, closely resembling (perhaps not coincidentally) the later painting of Catherine II by Eriksen which had inspired my 2018 figure. So, it seems that the Bad Squiddo figure could stand for either Empress Catherine?

I am very unfamiliar ground painting 18th dresses but thankfully the fashion of the early 18th century was for plainer designs:

“In the beginning of the (18th) century…a plain style was preferred, without too many ornaments. This style was strongly influenced by Françoise d’Aubigné, the wife of King Louis XIV.” How did women dress in the 18th century?

This seems to be born out in contemporary portraits and it made things much easier for me. My Strelets 1/72 scale figure wears a dress which I’ve painted in a similar shade to her portrait by Jean-Marc Nattier. A red sash and an ermine-lined velvet cloak is all that’s missing. I may brush on a little satin varnish to imitate silk.

The above painting most probably was the inspiration for Strelets’ sculptor too. The dress design being remarkably similar and there’s even a tiara on her head closely resembling the one she wore (making some allowance for the complications of sculpting such a thing in 20mm scale)!

Catherine’s opulent tiara; an abundance of large pearls, gold, possibly diamonds, together with some pretty hefty rubies in there too!

The other two FEMbruary ladies at court are also nearly completed. This charming figure is using her richly decorated fan and gazing into the distance:

The other lady has a small dog at her feet which she is reaching down to pet. I thought that it looked a little like a King Charles Spaniel (a breed, incidentally, particularly popular with the 1st Duke of Marlborough), so I painted it in that fashion. This is the figure for whom I had to resort to some serious flash removal. To conceal her disfigurement, half of her face I’ve hidden under the locks of her hair.

So, these three courtly women are nearly completed but not quite! There’s more to come – the Empress Catherine is reaching her hand out in front of her and I’m also painting something which will make sense of this gesture and complete the scene more fully. So, ‘stay tuned’!

13 thoughts on “FEMbruary: The Other ‘Empress Catherine’

  1. Great job, bravo! In this set there is a figure of a general who respectfully kisses the hand of the empress. Стрелец подумал об этом.

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  2. Oh ! mate so good, you were right about them being a little bit less flashy than I thought the would have been ,your simple approach has payed off , I just love the work on the fan.
    I have finished the commissioned ECW job but realised I can’t put it up for show , but I have another ECW mini that’s not to far away that I can and this one is using the Waterloo 1815 Cromwell figures ,and you will be pleased to know I painting up some Nappy figures again and I hope to pop theses up on a mini soon as well .

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    1. I’m now struggling with basing. I’ve went along way down the road with it but have abandoned it – now back to square one…

      I’ll be interested to see your Cromwellian troops. I’ve had some 1/72 ECW figures for years stowed away but I never get the time to do them.

      And bring on those Napoleonics too! 🙂

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  3. Hi marvin not sure if you’ve heard, hannants now stocking Stelets WSS British firing line and just in the French set, which i’ve ordered 2 sets just completed my first regt of British in advance set 29 figures look good, now only anther 10 regts to do!! hope my eyes hold upcheers John

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    1. Hi John! Yes I had and I’ve already ordered my boxes too. It’s great that they seem to be selling so well (from what I can tell). One seller on eBay had already almost sold out when I looked yesterday. So that’s four regiments between us and plenty more to do…


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