Beau Jesters: Laurel and Hardy at 1:72 Scale

My 20mm-high legionnaires of laughter which I mentioned receiving recently are now painted and on the march!

They are, of course, the iconic comic double act Laurel and Hardy, seen here reprising their role as Legionnaires who have joined to ‘forget’. Their first film in this guise was the 1931 sound-short film “Beau Hunks“.

These figures are handmade by a Brazilian friend from Benno’s Figures Forum. Jaques recalls being a fan of these films for many years since childhood. It’s notable how their comedy endures over time and translates across different cultures and languages.

Mexican theatrical poster for Beau Hunks.

Our desert duo remade their original Beau Hunks feature in 1939 with another French Foreign Legion caper called “The Flying Deuces” which ran at a longer hour and 7 minutes.

Oliver Hardy ‘negotiating’ their pay with an officer in “The Flying Deuces”, 1939.

I hope that Jaques will be pleased with my attempts to realise these heroes of black and white comedy into full-colour with my brush. I reckon his handiwork is terrific and is a great tribute to them.

March or die (laughing)!
Adieu, Stan et Ollie…

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