French Foreign Legion Update #3: Finished!

My Artizan Designs set of 24 French Foreign Legion figures is now completed! The final 8 figures included an officer in a beige tropical-style uniform with blue puttees looking as though he’s about to shoot a legionnaire who has refused to march any further! I suspect that my painting approach doesn’t necessarily get the very best out of this scale of figure, but I’m still nonetheless quite satisfied with these final figures. I’ve always wanted to produce some larger scale foreign legion troops, so this set has fulfilled that wish very nicely.

Ultimately, I’m a 1/72 scale man, I think. It’s my first love and so it will probably be back to the little guys in plastic for my next work, I think.

Aside from painting these Foreign Legion chaps, I recently had planned a visit out to a military museum but with a last minute change of plan found myself on a very pleasant visit this weekend to Belton House in Lincolnshire. For centuries this was the seat of the wealthy Brownlow and Cust family. Even here I found a handful of military-related nuggets to feed my interest. There was once a WWI machine gun corps based in the grounds and I scooped up some postcards of this. Also on display was a Grenadier Guards officer uniform and I spied a painting of King Edward VIII in the uniform of a colonel of an Indian regiment, Jacob’s Horse. All of which nicely gives a hint as to the direction of my next project…

Anyway, for now I’m presenting my “March or Die!” set of French Foreign Legionnaires:

3 thoughts on “French Foreign Legion Update #3: Finished!

  1. You did a marvellous job on these figures Marvin! Painting other scales as 1/72 is a bit different indeed, but now and then I love to paint another scale to! But that is something you know from me!


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